Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Double Header Race November 13 & 14

I hope all of you are getting ready for the double header SCFTA race at Perris November 13 & 14. The trees and shrubs are doing well, some are in bloom. Emmy and the Bushes are calling this "The Hangover National".

Saturday gates open at 3 PM, practice at 5 PM.

Overnight parking is OK.

Sunday gates open 9 AM, practice at 10:30 AM. With the new track surface, the day race should not be any problem with a few quick laps of the water truck.

Those of you that came to practice: Was that fun or what? I was still sore Monday and I quit early (8 PM) and didn't fall!

Sounds like things went well at the final rounds of Eddie Mulder's series at Willow.

If you want to go skidding around this weekend, October 30, Steve Evans is running at Victorville, signup 3-5:30 PM. 310-309-9418,

If you're a local and need something to do Saturday, November 6, there will be a speedway race at Perris. $15.00 to get in, pits included. No glass bottles allowed.

See you at the track,
Elliott - SCFTA & Perris short track page

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