Friday, December 3, 2010

December Practice and Speedway

Hey Everybody!

Practice this Saturday, December 4, 4-9 PM. Y'all know how to get there by now. With the cool temps you can get there early and have a good track, especially with the sun going down at 4:30 or so! Dress warm, bring heaters, you know the winter drill. Kind of like going to the desert...

Next weekend, December 11, will be the final Speedway race of the year, all first division. It'll kind of be like us having all of the national dirt trackers there for a pro-only race. There will also be Junior Speedway riders on hand for their own races. Still working out the entries, 16 of the top speedway racers in the country in a championship format race. This should be a good show. $15 for pit/spectator pass. Concessions (grill & snacks) available. Coolers OK, but no glass bottles.

Final practice of the year will be on the 18th, also 4-9 PM.

See you Saturday!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pass it on!

The Double Header Finale for the Southern California Flat Track Association's 2010 season is coming up next weekend, November 13 & 14. As usual, the grill will be fired up with burgers and hot dogs, plus drinks and snacks. Coolers are welcome, no glass bottles please.

Saturday gates open at 3 PM, practice at 5 PM

Overnight parking is OK.

Sunday gates open 9 AM, practice at 10:30 AM. With the new track surface, the day race should not be any problem with a few quick laps of the water truck.

Carl Whitt has suggested a 125 Vintage Two Stroke class. Anyone interested can e-mail me and I'll pass it on, or speak to Carl at the races. There's got to be a few 125 trackers out there still!

Finally, Carrie Hancock is putting on the fourth Speedway race at Perris Raceway this Saturday, November 6th. If you're local and need something to do this weekend, the race is all access like the flat track races, pits are open, and you can see all the bikes and riders up close. Gates open at 4 PM, practice (yes Perris Raceway has practice) at 5:30, racing at 7:00.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Double Header Race November 13 & 14

I hope all of you are getting ready for the double header SCFTA race at Perris November 13 & 14. The trees and shrubs are doing well, some are in bloom. Emmy and the Bushes are calling this "The Hangover National".

Saturday gates open at 3 PM, practice at 5 PM.

Overnight parking is OK.

Sunday gates open 9 AM, practice at 10:30 AM. With the new track surface, the day race should not be any problem with a few quick laps of the water truck.

Those of you that came to practice: Was that fun or what? I was still sore Monday and I quit early (8 PM) and didn't fall!

Sounds like things went well at the final rounds of Eddie Mulder's series at Willow.

If you want to go skidding around this weekend, October 30, Steve Evans is running at Victorville, signup 3-5:30 PM. 310-309-9418,

If you're a local and need something to do Saturday, November 6, there will be a speedway race at Perris. $15.00 to get in, pits included. No glass bottles allowed.

See you at the track,
Elliott - SCFTA & Perris short track page

Monday, October 4, 2010

Yup, we raced this weekend. All in all a pretty good night, nobody left the track in an ambulance, although the EMTs were a little busy making sure everyone was OK after a couple of falls. Henry Wiles came out to the track and raced the Pro class (duh) with Jimmy Wood and Kayl Kolkman keeping him honest.

Freddie added some new material to the track surface. I was told it was either clay or stone dust. Hard to say, but the track was pretty easy to ride when wet, but not too dusty when dry. Harly raced in a skirt!

Next practice is October 23, 4-9 PM, Next race is a double header, November 13 & 14. More info to come.

Scfta Perris Flat Track Results

Class & Finish Position
Rider #
Name City/State

Youths 50cc
1 82 Travis Petton Ramona

Youths 85cc & 100cc
1 900 Logan Lee
2 42 Monica Gil Riverside
3 53 Alyssa Florez Sylmar
4 54 Frank Florez Sylmar

Open Novice
1 17r Nick Gil Riverside
2 533 Dan Geery Encinitas
3 53 Jess Flores Sylmar
4 88 Corey Bauman Los Angeles
5 44r Nick Armstrong Norco
6 55 Steve Zoumaras San Diego
7 42 Tom Sahli Tujunga
8 29c Mike Diego Hacienda Heights
9 99x Marc Pape Arizona
10 58 Shawn Culup Scottsdale

Open Amateur
1 42e Garrett Gorden Ventura
2 51 Mark Prentice
3 83 Harly Legowski Orange

Men's 4 Stroke
1 68x Michael Wilson Fallbrook
2 0 Mark Cernicky Costa Mesa
3 54e Cory Lussier Bricewater, Mass
4 151 Billy Katkov Fountain Valley

Youth 4 Stroke
1 G Nick Ottele Redlands

1 1 Henry Wiles
2 47 Jimmy Wood Redlands
3 42e Kayl Kolkman Ventura
4 68 Jeff Evans Agoura
5 30 Alex Wood Fallbrook
6 88 David Bush Valencia
7 0 Mark Cernicky Costa Mesa
8 4 Brandon Rothell Madera
9 67 Josh Evan
10 9v Geramy Rackley Farmington
11 44 Robert Bush Acton
12 77 Paul Herman Grand Terrace
13 46 Tyler Odom Torrance

Vet 35+
1 88 Jim Rosa Apple Valley
2 77v Jason Craven Madera
3 44s Robert Bush Acton
4 59 Richard Pollock Poway
5 102 Woody Carlson Spring Valley
6 77 Paul Herman Grand Terrace
7 51 Mark Prentice
8 30 Driver West Madera
9 55 Steve Zoumaras San Diego
10 99x Marc Pape Arizona

Senior Vet 50+
1 4z Craig Johnson Encinitas
2 33 Wes Powell Sierra Madre
3 21 Joe Steffen San Jacinto
4 58y Jim Ottele Redlands
5 47 Jim Wood Redlands
6 59 Richard Pollock Poway
7 54 Elliott Iverson Riverside
8 110 Dan Kane Rcho Santa Margarita
9 88 Corey Bauman Los Angeles
10 26 Bruce Heiland Rcho Santa Margarita
11 55 Steve Zoumaras San Diego
Dns 12e Jim Steet Corona

Senior Novice
1 22c Bill Nelson Tulare
2 55 Steve Zoumaras San Diego
3 57 Keith Speir Fillmore

Super Senior 60+
1 51 Dennis Kanegae Riverside
2 22 Davis Molitor San Diego
3 36x Peter Toroian San Juan Capistrano
4 86d Allan Girdler Rainbow
5 50 Mel Stoner Anaheim
Dnf 27r Ron Moore Yucaipa

Classic Vintage
1 7 Jeff Apple Imperial Beach
2 1 Lenny Rodriguez Palmdale
3 362 Ralph Chudy
4 75 Joe Pape Culver City

Vintage 250 2 Stroke Expert
1 45e John Lundgren Simi Valley
2 6 Joe Steffen San Jacinto
Dns 47 Jim Wood Redlands

Vintage 2 Stroke Novice
1 44r Nick Armstrong Norco
2 68 Gary Lane Hesperia
3 4v Monte Roberts El Cajon
4 39 Carl Whitt Corona
5 197x Michael Fritz Garden Grove
6 77c Rick Logan Oceanside
7 77 Shannon Adams Long Beach

Vintage 750
1 29 Steve Fortune Anaheim
2 58y Jim Ottele Redlands
3 57g Jerry Gates Arizona
4 82e Travis Petton Ramona

Bomber 0-540 Cc
1 82e Travis Petton Ramona
2 77v Jason Craven Madera
3 45e John Lundgren Simi Valley
4 12e Jim Steet Corona
5 57 Keith Speir Filmore
6 57g Jerry Gates Arizona
7 58 Shawn Culup Scottsdale
Dns 19r Brad Rudy Long Beach

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Perris October 2

This weekend the fast guys will close in on the 1/4 mile dirt oval at Perris Raceway for a $2,000.00 pro purse short track, with all classes running. Vince said more clay was mixed in with the decomposed granite to get the track to hold together better, and it was pretty good already!

Harly says she will be wearing a skirt when she races. Dunno how that's gonna work, but bring your cameras!

All of the usual suspects should be there to run the Pro class, plus Henry Wiles has already been to the track checking it out. Jimmy Wood will be in town, Mike Avila's coming down, and I'm sure we'll have a few more of the world's best short trackers on hand!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ATV Parking Lot Sale

Come see us at Del Amo Motorsports' Parking Lot Sale this Saturday, September 25, 8 AM to 3 PM.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Racing This Saturday

September 18 at Perris Raceway , gates open at 3 PM, spectators only $10.00.

SCFTA will have Goodyear/Dunlop front and rear tires on hand for sale. They are now a distributor for Goodyear/Dunlop. CD5 compound tires will probably be under $160.00 with tax, etc.

If you haven't been to the remodeled track yet, you should come out and see what's been going on.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

SCFTA Perris September Race

Practice was fun & fast, at least until I got on Ralph's laydown Jawa speedway bike, which I lowsided after about 8 laps. (Hey, the track was wet! )

John Kocinski was on hand testing one of his Rotax-powered artworks, turning mid-14 second laps. Didn't get times for Jeff Evans, Jim Wood or Captain Craig, but they were also getting around the track at a rapid pace.

The next race is this Saturday, September 18. Gates open at 3 PM, practice after 5, races to follow. The grill will be up and cooking burgers and hot dogs, with snacks and drinks available.

Spectator parking is now in the lot across Fisher Street. This helps to keep crowding in the pits to a minimum.

New, larger racetrack with a cushion surface, lots of fun to ride. Classes from 50cc & lawnmower engines to twins, beginner to pro level riders.

Spectators $10.00. Grill and snacks at the track, or bring your own.

There will be no practice September 25, it has been taken off the schedule.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Perris Practice

Practice coming up this weekend, September 11. Weather should be in the 80s, instead of like the 100s we have seen.

Racing next on September 18. Not quite sure which round this will be, we missed two when rained out in Lakeside, and one when the track was switching from old to new.

Bring friends, bring kids, come on out to practice if you want to give it a try.

Everyone has talked about all of the effort that has gone into the track.
- The announcing/scoring tower in enclosed and air conditioned.
- Signup has a concrete pad - no more standing on stones!
- There is landscaping; trees, plants, irrigation, even a fountain.
- There is overflow parking across the street.

Come on out and support Southern California's only dedicated flat track!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Perris Raceway

This is an unofficial blog, mostly pertaining to Perris Raceway and the Southern California Flat Track Association. My goal is to keep racers and fans a bit more up-to-date with the goings-on of motorcycle flat track racing in Southern California. Please feel free to leave a comment.

Saturday, August 28, we had a practice night.

Joe Steffen and Jim Wood had their own little match race through the other riders on the Mr. Ed's Yamaha ring-dings, hauling ass and having fun.

Jeff Evans, winner of the last Pro race, was arguably the fastest rider on the track, followed by returning Jim Rosa.

The track held up well, and was fast all night, even with a couple of holes forming. Freddie only bladed the track once after practice started, so that should tell you that the track surface is coming together pretty well.

There were two "celebrities" in attendance, Josh Hayes and Melissa Paris.
Josh Hayes and Melissa Paris
Melissa on track