Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pass it on!

The Double Header Finale for the Southern California Flat Track Association's 2010 season is coming up next weekend, November 13 & 14. As usual, the grill will be fired up with burgers and hot dogs, plus drinks and snacks. Coolers are welcome, no glass bottles please.

Saturday gates open at 3 PM, practice at 5 PM

Overnight parking is OK.

Sunday gates open 9 AM, practice at 10:30 AM. With the new track surface, the day race should not be any problem with a few quick laps of the water truck.

Carl Whitt has suggested a 125 Vintage Two Stroke class. Anyone interested can e-mail me and I'll pass it on, or speak to Carl at the races. There's got to be a few 125 trackers out there still!

Finally, Carrie Hancock is putting on the fourth Speedway race at Perris Raceway this Saturday, November 6th. If you're local and need something to do this weekend, the race is all access like the flat track races, pits are open, and you can see all the bikes and riders up close. Gates open at 4 PM, practice (yes Perris Raceway has practice) at 5:30, racing at 7:00.